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The War is On Graphic Novel by Hama/Wagner/Moore

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The War is On Graphic Novel by Hama/Wagner/Moore

A fabulous book, published by the military history publishers Osprey. Large format (A4 size) this is a graphic novel of the story of the Battle of the First Bull Run (1861) in the American Civil War. The Battle of the First Bull Run was the first large scale confrontation of the Civil War, and though it paled in comparison to the bloody battles ahead its outcome was essential for the morale of both sides. Could North prove its strngth and quickly bring the South to submission? Or could the South show its resolve to be independent of the Union? The battle might also determine if the war would be short or long, so there was much as stake. Accompanied by pages of historical background, photos of key figures, campaign maps etc. this is an incredible educational resource. It's so much more than just a "comic," it provides an accesible version of history in an easy to understand, easy to follow way, alongside more in depth and educational material that provides the extra material young readers and students will be looking for. It educates as it entertains. The people behind the book have experience with Marvel Comics, 2000AD, D.C. Comics, Dark Horse and other famous comic publishers. With free fold-out colour poster (circa A2 size) of the cover artwork.

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